What you will learn

At BloomYoga Teacher Training, trainees will study not only how to teach a safe Vinyasa Yoga class, but how to provide their students with an *experience* every time they come to class.

We believe that when a student leaves a yoga class, they don’t usually pay too much attention to which asanas they were taught, or which sequences the teacher used; they remember the feelings they had during the class, the barriers they let go of, the *experience* they had. How does a Yoga Teacher create that *experience* for their students? That’s what BloomYoga Teacher Training Trainees will be exploring.


The Curriculum

At BloomYoga Teacher Training, we believe that in order to be a fully equipped Yoga Teacher, you need to have a good understanding of not only the asanas, but also Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation. That’s why we give as much importance to these subjects as we do to the asana classes.

During the training, we will cover the following subjects:

  • The History & Philosophy of Yoga Traditions
  • Learning the Basic Asanas
  • Creative and Individual (reflecting who You are) Sequencing
  • Yoga Alignment & Modifications for Special Students (injury, pregnancy, using props, etc.)
  • Physical & Subtle Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Adjusting and Alignment in a Yoga Class
  • What it means to be a Yoga Teacher: Ethics and Lifestyle
  • Language and Voice in Yoga
  • The Business of Yoga & Marketing Yourself


BloomYoga studio is a Yoga Alliance recognised Yoga Teacher Training.